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Victoria Moran

Founder of Main Street Vegan Academy and Author of Main Street Vegan


Victoria Moran is a professional speaker, the author of eleven books, a certified holistic health counselor (HHC, AADP), and founder of Main Street Vegan Academy, training Vegan Lifestyle Coaches. Known for her international bestseller, Creating a Charmed Life, Victoria is also the author of the plant-based weight-loss classic, The Love-Powered Diet, and the brand new Main Street Vegan: Everything You Need to Know to Eat Healthfully & Live Compassionately in the Real World, co-authored with her daughter, Adair Moran, an actor, playwright, stunt performer, and lifelong vegan. Cited by VegNews among the Top 10 Vegetarian Authors, Victoria is a two-time Oprah! guest whose articles have appeared in Woman’s Day, Yoga Journal, Natural Health, Body+Soul, and Vegetarian Tmes. She lives in a “green” condo in New York City.

Speaking Topics

  • Making of a Main Street Vegan: A One-Woman Show by Victoria Moran

    Victoria Moran, author of Main Street Vegan, stopped eating animal foods nearly thirty years ago, but the history and influences that led to what was then a radical decision go back much further. In this enchanting solo show with background slides, Victoria shares the story of how a girl from Kansas City–one of the few towns that has a steak named after it!–came to see life and health and our relationship with animals differently from those around her. Her stories paint pictures of those decades and attitudes: you’ll laugh, you’ll think, and when she relates her connection to Anne, a cow she met at a Missouri slaughterhouse, you’ll probably cry. And you’ll leave having been thoroughly entertained, and with a take-out bag of food for thought.

  • The High-Green, High-Raw, High-Spirited, High-Energy Life

    There are many ways to nourish ourselves for health and vitality, but at their core they have in common an affinity for whole foods, as fresh as can be, with a decided bent towards vegetables and fruits. The yogis millennia ago figured out that eating a diet of primarily sattvic, or balancing, foods would make people healthier and also build a physical vehicle better suited to spiritual growth. It’s all still true today. Join Victoria Moran, HHC, AADP, author of Creating a Charmed Life, Lit from Within, Younger by the Day, and The Love-Powered Diet, for a practical intro to eating with the impetus of love behind it, the power of glorious greens, and the energy of fresh foods and juices–with lifestyle tips for back up.

  • Peace, Love, and Vegetables: Food Choices and the Spiritual Life

    If our thoughts create our health and our world, why should it matter what we eat? Because matter is thought solidified, and we ingest information on a cellular as well as on a mental level. This fast-moving and information-packed workshop from author and holistic health counselor Victoria Moran will detail: The relationship between what we eat and our spiritual growth Yogic concepts around food and health When food becomes God (eating disorders, eating “for a fix”) Compassionate consumption: considering a plant-based diet The forever-young equation: God-centered mind and God-grown nutrition

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Featured Book

Main Street Vegan: Everything You Need to Know to Eat Healthfully and Live Compassionately in the Real World

“Moran’s feisty, fun and fearless guide to eating vegan on your own terms will win her many fans. As a primer on veganism, her effort touches all of the basics. Those eager to lose weight, increase energy, and offset stress and aging, while achieving optimum nutrition and not spending a lot of money on expensive organic ingredients will find numerous suggestions and easy recipes to help them reach their goals. As a comprehensive and highly motivating resource for upping the bar on quality of life, Moran’s book takes veganism to the next level."

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