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Nicholas Wapshott

International Editor for Newsweek and Author of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher: A Political Marriage

Photo by Oliver Wapshott


Nicholas Wapshott is the former New York bureau chief of The Times of London. Previously, he was editor of the Saturday Times of London, and founding editor of The Times Magazine. As political editor of The Observer, Wapshott covered Margaret Thatcher’s final years in office. In 1983, he wrote one of Margaret Thatcher’s first biographies. He is a regular broadcaster on MSNBC, PBS, and FOX News. He and his wife, Louise Nicholson, live in New York City with their two sons.

Speaking Topics

  • Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher: A Political Marriage

    How, despite being divided by an ocean and a generation, a shared worldview led to an intimate friendship and a golden age of conservatism.

  • Reagan’s Conservatism

    Why Reagan’s conservative ideas continue to dominate the American political scene, and why even Democrats like Barack Obama cite Reagan’s revolution as an example they would like to emulate.

  • The Life and Death of Princess Diana

    From schoolgirl to queen in waiting, from glamorous icon to heartbreak and tragedy, why a modern fairytale went so terribly wrong.

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Featured Book

Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher

“Wapshott is insightful and exhaustive…favors the nitty-gritty, painting a portrait of the friendship that shaped the 1980's and the alliance that won the cold war.”

– Publishers Weekly

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