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Ana Marie Cox

Original Voice of the Political Blog Wonkette and Time Magazine Columnist


Ana Marie Cox had a long, disastrous career in mainstream media before being forced into the shallow waters of the blogosphere. While an editor at Mother Jones, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and The American Prospect, her poor people skills made her unpopular, while her sarcasm drove people away. Internet journalism, with its higher tolerance for misfits, provided an early home—she is a survivor of,, and She was discovered at a drugstore by Nick Denton, who made her Wonkette.

She is now the Washington editor of, a columnist for Time, and a contributor to Time’s political blog, Swampland, and will co-host the upcoming HBO talk show The Gaggle.

The author of the novel Dog Days, Cox is now hard at work on her next book, an anthropological study of young conservatives. Her husband, Chris Lehmann, is remarkably well-liked and an editor at CQ Weekly.

Speaking Topics

  • On Washington...

    The Culture of Washington Washington Social Habits and Customs Washington vs. New York Washington Scandals

  • On the media today…

    Mainstream Media vs. Independent Media What Traditional Media Organizations Don’t Get Emergence of New Media Independent Media

  • And Ana specifically on…

    The Bush White House Interns Blogs

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Featured Book

Dog Days

"Brisk, smart, smutty, knowing and very well-written…If this sparkly, witty, occasionally vicious little novel is any indication of Wonkette's talent, then Cox ought to log out of cyberspace and start calling herself Novelette.”

The New York Times

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